When it comes to bitcoin, people are divided. On one hand, there are those who believe that digital currency like this is the future of money. But on the other hand, there are folks who think that it’s all just a bubble, waiting to burst. Whichever side you’re leaning in, it can’t be denied that bitcoin is an interesting concept.

While plenty of people have bought bitcoins as a form of investment, this digital currency can in fact, be spent like actual cash. No, you don’t need to exchange it for cash to use it. Own a good amount of it but don’t have an idea where to spend it?


7 Best Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

Believe it or not, bitcoin (as well as other digital currencies, such as Litecoin) is accepted by more than 100,000 merchants worldwide. That’s a LOT of spending possibility!

To give you an idea of how to have fun using the money of the future, here are a couple of things you can buy with bitcoin:

1. Real Estate

house luxury villa swimming pool


From typical condominiums, beautiful waterfront properties, to commercial land – you can purchase all these using bitcoins. Don’t think that only local real estate agents are accepting this digital currency either.

From Australia to Dubai, the possibilities of owning real estate all over the world just became easier thanks to blockchain technology. Bitcoin-realestate.com is a great website to check out if you’re interested in maybe owning a new abode by the beach, or even a small getaway island of your own.

Not ready to commit to a grand chateau? There are also rental properties, hotels, and inns that accept bitcoins.


2. Food

Buy food with bitcoin


Whether you’re craving for pizza or a fresh sandwich, bitcoin has got you covered. From Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands (accepted its first bitcoin in 2016) to Subway’s famous meatball-marinara sandwich (an Allentown branch accepted their first bitcoin way back in 2013) in the U.S., your food trip could just be getting started.

In the mood for pizza? Order from your favorite local pizza places like Dominoes, Papa Johns, and Pizza Hut on Pizzaforcoins.com. Going out for dinner? No problem! Just use Coinmap.org to find local establishments like bars, restaurants, and vendors who accept bitcoin.


3. Travel

Travel to UAE Dubai


Looking to check off stuff from your travel bucket list? If you have a substantial amount of bitcoins, you can enjoy circling the globe thanks to deals from Expedia.com and Cheapair.com. Get ready to explore China, Jordan, U.K., and Eastern Europe in just a few convenient clicks.


4. Gift Cards

Purple Gift Box

If you’re a casual shopper who’s worried that your favorite brands might not accept bitcoins, don’t fret. Websites such as eGifter offer countless options so you can turn your digital currency into real goods and services.

Get gift cards from big retailers such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, to Nordstrom, Uber, and even iTunes. This also makes a clever and convenient gift for friends and loved ones. Just make sure to read their terms and conditions before you splurge.

Most gift cards can only be spent on the country they were issued – so take note! There may also be additional fees when buying gift cards using bitcoins. But the upside is that there are no transfers or exchanges.


5. Gadgets and Cars

Buying gadgets and tech with cryptocurrencies

Electronics giant Newegg.com accepts bitcoin for those who would love to get great deals on computers, cameras, TV sets, and office solutions.

Car lover? There are dealerships that are willing to accept digital currency for your new Chrysler. In fact, someone pre-ordered a Tesla Model 3 using bitcoin. Talk about investing for the future using the currency of tomorrow!


6. Games and Apps

Xbox 360 Console

Is there a way to have fun using bitcoins but still stay at home? After ordering your pizza, why not indulge with new games and apps?

Microsoft makes this possible by letting users use bitcoins to deposit funds into their Microsoft account. From your digital wallet, you can then purchase games for your Xbox, or movies to watch. Just make sure to read the fine print before completing your transaction. Then just wait, sit back, and enjoy!


7. A ‘Good’ Time

Modern interior of a coffee shop in united states

Still not happy with your recent bitcoin purchases? Why not head on over to Vegas for a truly good time! Just this year, a gentleman’s club in Legends Room began accepting bitcoin for their dancers, drinks, and room.

While this digital currency is still not popular in casinos (though some establishments do accept it), you won’t have trouble using bitcoin to pay for limo rides, bachelorette parties, hotels, and even martial arts classes. Just remember THE golden rule (‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’) and you’re in for a day – or three – you won’t soon forget!


More Fun Stuff To Buy with Bitcoin

If you don’t want to be lumped along with folks who enjoy shopping at Overstock using bitcoin, you can try more interesting ways to spend it.

Cliché as it sounds, you can use bitcoin to buy gold and other precious metals. Redundant, yes – but always satisfying. JMbullion.com is a great website that accepts bitcoins for gold, silver, platinum, and copper products. If pretty jewelry is more your thing, check out REEDS. They accept bitcoin payments for both in-store and online purchases.

Bitcoin can also be used for good. You can make donations to foundations that support your cause of choice. See this list for organizations and projects that accept digital currency.

Feeling a bit lonely spending bitcoins alone? Try your luck finding love with digital currency at OKCupid (they started accepting bitcoins since 2013) or Match.com.


These are just a handful of suggestions for those who want to shop with bitcoin. Of course, you don’t need to feel pressured to spend them, especially if you’re thinking about making them an investment.

However, as this digital currency was originally designed to be spent freely and with no costs, it’d be a shame not to have a little fun with what you could spare.

As long as you know how to keep your bitcoins safe, you’ll be well on your way to stress-free shopping in the future.

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